We are TomorrowScale Ventures


TomorrowScale Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm backing scientific founders from insight to exit velocity. We identify exceptional scientific founders around the world, focusing our efforts and energy supporting the team and their development to accelerate research and drive returns. TomorrowScale Ventures invests in Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A companies started by scientific founders to solve key global challenges using advanced technology.

The investors we respect most insist on investing in what you know, where you have conviction.  From our experience, there are simply not enough early-stage life science and deep technology investors writing Pre-seed and Seed checks and proactively helping their portfolio companies. Many life science and deep tech founders struggle funding their company using grants, angel investments, and small-scale customer pilots (if possible) until the startup can raise a larger round of funding. Our team have worked on the benches and in the trenches, and they know the key developmental stages and nuances of life science and deep technology commercialization. Moreover, we have conviction that the intersection of biomedical sciences, materials science, data science, automation and machine learning, climate science, and energy tech is only beginning to accelerate and achieve real venture-scale returns.

We are building a venture capital fund to support the next generation of exceptional scientific founding teams build the future.

We believe the most critical entrepreneurs of the next century will be scientific founders, whose companies will solve diseases, prevent pandemics, power and connect new industries, and build our future. Founding scientific teams starting today will scale faster than previous generations of startups. They are natively remote, digital, highly technical, cross-functional teams. They can move faster, build from first principles, and remake or create entire industries.